bootfs.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>

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#define __CONVEN_BOOTFS_H__   1


void bootfs_ls (vaddr_t vaddr)
boot_entrybootfs_find_file (vaddr_t vaddr, const char *name)
int bootfs_copy (vaddr_t vaddr, const char *bootpath, const char *path)

Define Documentation

#define __CONVEN_BOOTFS_H__   1

Function Documentation

int bootfs_copy vaddr_t  vaddr,
const char *  bootpath,
const char *  path

copy a file from "in core" boot file system

boot_entry* bootfs_find_file vaddr_t  vaddr,
const char *  name

find a file in "in core" boot file system

void bootfs_ls vaddr_t  vaddr  ) 

list "in core" boot file system

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