conven.h File Reference

#include <conven/queue.h>
#include <conven/bpt.h>
#include <conven/bufdump.h>
#include <conven/parse.h>
#include <conven/load.h>
#include <conven/thread.h>
#include <conven/ascreate.h>
#include <conven/task.h>
#include <conven/asrele.h>
#include <conven/pgalloc.h>
#include <conven/stkalloc.h>
#include <conven/cprintf.h>
#include <conven/dprintf.h>
#include <conven/path.h>
#include <conven/bootfs.h>

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#define __CONVEN_CONVEN_H__   1
#define RAND_MAX   0x7fffffff


void pclean (paddr_t begin)
void pcorrupt (paddr_t begin)
u_int32_t hcode (char *buf, int len)
int suser (struct s_ucred *ucred)
void * xmalloc (size_t sz)
char * xstrdup (const char *str)
char * strdup (const char *str)
void dexit (int code)
int rand (void)
void srand (u_int seed)
void qsort (void *a, size_t n, size_t es, int(*cmp)(const void *, const void *))

Define Documentation

#define __CONVEN_CONVEN_H__   1

#define RAND_MAX   0x7fffffff

Function Documentation

void dexit int  code  ) 

try to exit from a kernel launched program with yield(0) then use _exit(2). This routine is for drivers initialization thread.

u_int32_t hcode char *  buf,
int  len

void pclean paddr_t  begin  ) 

page clean

void pcorrupt paddr_t  begin  ) 

page corrupt - corrupts page with 'Z'

void qsort void *  a,
size_t  n,
size_t  es,
int(*)(const void *, const void *)  cmp

int rand void   ) 

void srand u_int  seed  ) 

char* strdup const char *  str  ) 

int suser struct s_ucred ucred  ) 

void* xmalloc size_t  sz  ) 

char* xstrdup const char *  str  ) 

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