liblsavl.c File Reference

#include "liblsavl.h"


t_avl_classavl_insert_class (t_avl_class *clt, t_class *key)
t_classavl_search_class (t_avl_class *clt, int class)

Function Documentation

t_avl_class* avl_insert_class t_avl_class clt,
t_class key

Inserts an element into the AVL holding the classes. (key->class is tested)

clt The current node of the avl.
key The key we want to add into the avl.
The current node (because it might have changed)

t_class* avl_search_class t_avl_class clt,
int  class

Looks for a given element in the AVL. It returns NULL if not found.

clt The node we want to start the research from
class The class we're looking for
The key, if the class if found, otherwise NULL.

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