gates.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>
#include "libgate.h"

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Data Structures

struct  t_gate_process
struct  t_gate
struct  t_class


#define GATE_BUF_SZ   32
#define PROC_BUF_SZ   32


t_classclass_new (int class)
void class_free (t_class *class)
t_gategate_new (pid_t pid, t_gate_infos *gate_infos)
void gate_free (t_gate *gate)
int add_gate_to_class (t_class *cl, t_gate *gate)
int del_gate_from_class (t_class *cl, int gate)
int get_gate_from_class (t_class *cl, t_gate_infos *gate, int nb)
int add_process_to_gate_in_class (t_class *cl, int gate, pid_t pid)
int del_process_from_gate_in_class (t_class *cl, int gate, pid_t pid)

Define Documentation

#define GATE_BUF_SZ   32

#define PROC_BUF_SZ   32

Function Documentation

int add_gate_to_class t_class cl,
t_gate gate

int add_process_to_gate_in_class t_class cl,
int  gate,
pid_t  pid

Adds the occurence of a process wanting to use a given gate.

cl The class we're in.
gate The concerned gate.
pid The pid of the process that wants to use the gate.

void class_free t_class class  ) 

t_class* class_new int  class  ) 

int del_gate_from_class t_class cl,
int  gate

int del_process_from_gate_in_class t_class cl,
int  gate,
pid_t  pid

Deletes an occurence of a process in a gate.

cl The class we're in
gate The gate
pid The pid of the process that unuses the gate.

void gate_free t_gate gate  ) 

t_gate* gate_new pid_t  pid,
t_gate_infos gate_infos

int get_gate_from_class t_class cl,
t_gate_infos gate,
int  nb

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