path.c File Reference

#include "libc.h"


#define PROCINET   "/proc/inet"


char ** path_split (char *path, char sep)
int path_simplify (char *path)
int userland_path_gate (char *npath, int *gate_returned)
char * path_treat (char *path, u_int32_t opts, char *wd, t_path_gate_fn path_gate, int *gate_returned, char *s)

Define Documentation

#define PROCINET   "/proc/inet"

Function Documentation

int path_simplify char *  path  ) 

simplifies path - removes /./ or // returns 0 if OK else -1 and fills errno

char** path_split char *  path,
char  sep

splits a path in pieces e.g: "//foo//bar" becomes {"", "", "foo", "", "bar", NULL} returns NULL if a memory problem was encountered

char* path_treat char *  path,
u_int32_t  opts,
char *  wd,
t_path_gate_fn  path_gate,
int *  gate_returned,
char *  s

treat a path before any operations on it - should be called before any path lookup: (see options).

If OK returns newly allocated pointer, else returns NULL and errno filled.

path  input path
opts  options
wd  work directory
path_gate  or NULL (should set errno)
s  comment for debug

int userland_path_gate char *  npath,
int *  gate_returned

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