pgalloc.c File Reference

#include "libc.h"


vaddr_t pgalloc2 (asid_t asid, paddr_t fixed_pa, int nb_pgs, paddr_t *pa_returned)
vaddr_t pgalloc (asid_t asid, int nb_pgs)
int pgfree (asid_t asid, vaddr_t vpages, int nb_pgs)
int ppgalloc (asid_t asid, int nb_pgs, paddr_t *pa_returned, int *nb_pgs_returned)
int bigfree (t_pgset *set)
t_pgsetbigalloc (asid_t asid, int nb_pgs)
void bigdump (t_pgset *set)

Function Documentation

t_pgset* bigalloc asid_t  asid,
int  nb_pgs

allocate a huge virtual zone composed of many small physical zones

void bigdump t_pgset set  ) 


int bigfree t_pgset set  ) 

vaddr_t pgalloc asid_t  asid,
int  nb_pgs

alloc phys pages + vpages and vmap them

vaddr_t pgalloc2 asid_t  asid,
paddr_t  fixed_pa,
int  nb_pgs,
paddr_t pa_returned

same thing as pgalloc(3) excepted that it is possible to specify a fixed paddr and also retrieve physical addr choosem. pa_returned might be NULL.

int pgfree asid_t  asid,
vaddr_t  vpages,
int  nb_pgs

int ppgalloc asid_t  asid,
int  nb_pgs,
paddr_t pa_returned,
int *  nb_pgs_returned

try to alloc nb_pgs or less

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