snprintf.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>

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Data Structures

struct  s_snprintf_data


#define __PRINTF_SNPRINTF_H__   1


typedef s_snprintf_data t_snprintf_data


int snprintf_fn (t_snprintf_data *sd, char *buf, int len)
int snprintf (char *str, int count, char *fmt,...)
int snprintf_linux (char *str, int count, char *fmt,...)

Define Documentation

#define __PRINTF_SNPRINTF_H__   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct s_snprintf_data t_snprintf_data

Function Documentation

int snprintf char *  str,
int  count,
char *  fmt,

writes (count-1) character - returns number of bytes which should have been written

int snprintf_fn t_snprintf_data sd,
char *  buf,
int  len

int snprintf_linux char *  str,
int  count,
char *  fmt,

returns number of bytes written

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