stream.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>

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Data Structures

struct  s_stream


#define __STREAM_STREAM_H__   1
#define EOF   (-1)
#define BUFFER_SIZE   512
#define MODE_READ   1
#define MODE_WRITE   2
#define MODE_RDWR   3
#define MODE_APPEND   4
#define MODE_CREATE   8
#define MODE_TRUNC   16
#define MODE_EOF   32
#define TEST_READ(f)   (0 != (MODE_READ & stream->mode))
#define TEST_WRITE(f)   (0 != (MODE_WRITE & stream->mode))
#define TEST_WRITING(f)   (~0 == (f)->offset)
#define TEST_READING(f)   ((f)->offset < (f)->size)
#define TEST_APPEND(f)   (0 != (MODE_APPEND & (f)->mode))
#define TEST_EOF(f)   (0 != (MODE_EOF & (f)->mode))


typedef s_stream t_stream


int stream_fclose (t_stream *stream)
int stream_fgetc (t_stream *stream)
t_streamstream_fopen (char const *path, char const *mode)
int stream_fputs (char *str, t_stream *stream)
int stream_fsetpos (t_stream *stream, off_t *pos)
size_t stream_fwrite (void const *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, t_stream *stream)
int stream_fflush (t_stream *stream)
int stream_fgetpos (t_stream *stream, fpos_t *pos)
int stream_fput (int c, t_stream *stream)
size_t stream_fread (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, t_stream *stream)
long stream_ftell (t_stream *stream)
void stream_rewind (t_stream *stream)
int stream_fget (t_stream *stream)
char * stream_fgets (char *str, int size, t_stream *stream)
int stream_fputc (int c, t_stream *stream)
int stream_fseek (t_stream *stream, long offset, int whence)
int stream_fungetc (t_stream *stream, int c)

Define Documentation

#define __STREAM_STREAM_H__   1

#define BUFFER_SIZE   512

#define EOF   (-1)

#define MODE_APPEND   4

#define MODE_CREATE   8

#define MODE_EOF   32

#define MODE_RDWR   3

#define MODE_READ   1

#define MODE_TRUNC   16

#define MODE_WRITE   2

#define TEST_APPEND  )     (0 != (MODE_APPEND & (f)->mode))

#define TEST_EOF  )     (0 != (MODE_EOF & (f)->mode))

#define TEST_READ  )     (0 != (MODE_READ & stream->mode))

#define TEST_READING  )     ((f)->offset < (f)->size)

#define TEST_WRITE  )     (0 != (MODE_WRITE & stream->mode))

#define TEST_WRITING  )     (~0 == (f)->offset)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct s_stream t_stream

Function Documentation

int stream_fclose t_stream stream  ) 

int stream_fflush t_stream stream  ) 

int stream_fget t_stream stream  ) 

int stream_fgetc t_stream stream  ) 

int stream_fgetpos t_stream stream,
fpos_t pos

char* stream_fgets char *  str,
int  size,
t_stream stream

t_stream* stream_fopen char const *  path,
char const *  mode

int stream_fput int  c,
t_stream stream

int stream_fputc int  c,
t_stream stream

int stream_fputs char *  str,
t_stream stream

size_t stream_fread void *  ptr,
size_t  size,
size_t  nmemb,
t_stream stream

int stream_fseek t_stream stream,
long  offset,
int  whence

int stream_fsetpos t_stream stream,
off_t pos

long stream_ftell t_stream stream  ) 

int stream_fungetc t_stream stream,
int  c

size_t stream_fwrite void const *  ptr,
size_t  size,
size_t  nmemb,
t_stream stream

void stream_rewind t_stream stream  ) 

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