termcap.h File Reference

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#define __TERMCAP_H__   1


int tgetent (char *bp, char *name)
int tgetnum (char *id)
int tgetflag (char *id)
char * tgetstr (char *id, char **area)
char * tgoto (char *cm, int destcol, int destline)
void tputs (char *cp, int affcnt, int(*outc)(int))

Define Documentation

#define __TERMCAP_H__   1

Function Documentation

int tgetent char *  bp,
char *  name

int tgetflag char *  id  ) 

int tgetnum char *  id  ) 

char* tgetstr char *  id,
char **  area

char* tgoto char *  cm,
int  destcol,
int  destline

void tputs char *  cp,
int  affcnt,
int(*)(int)  outc

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