ttyvar.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>
#include <libtty.h>

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Data Structures

struct  s_ttydev
struct  s_tty
struct  s_tty_info


#define __TTYVAR_H__   1
#define TTY_BUFSIZ   4096
#define MAXTTY   128
#define TTYDEV_PCCONS   0
#define TTYDEV_SERIAL1   1
#define TTYDEV_SERIAL2   2
#define TTYDEV_VCONS0   3
#define TTYDEVNVCONS   10
#define TTYDEVNPTY   42


typedef int(* t_ttydev_init_fn )(struct s_ttydev *ttydev, struct s_tty *tty, void **ttydev_data)
typedef void(* t_ttydev_destroy_fn )(void *ttydev_data)
typedef ssize_t(* t_ttydev_write_fn )(void *ttydev_data, char *buf, int len)
typedef int(* t_ttydev_start_fn )(void *ttydev_data)
typedef int(* t_ttydev_ioctl_fn )(void *ttydev_data, int cmd, void *input)
typedef s_ttydev t_ttydev
typedef s_tty t_tty
typedef s_tty_info t_tty_info


void tty_init (t_tty *tty)
ssize_t tty_fill_buf (t_tty *tty, char *buf, int len)
void sys_fd_tty_open (t_tcb *caller)
void sys_fd_tty_write (t_tcb *caller, int *do_yield)
void sys_fd_tty_read (t_tcb *caller, int *do_yield)
void sys_fd_tty_close (t_tcb *caller)
void sys_fd_tty_fstat (t_tcb *caller)
void sys_fd_tty_dump (t_tcb *caller)
void sys_fd_tty_ioctl (t_tcb *caller)
void sys_fd_tty_poll (t_tcb *caller)
void do_ttysrv_syscall (void)
void ttysrv_syscall (void)
void create_ttysrv (void)
void treat_dead (pid_t deadpid)
void signotify (int sig)
void ttyd_main (void)
pid_t create_ttyd (void)
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Define Documentation

#define __TTYVAR_H__   1

#define MAXTTY   128


#define TTY_BUFSIZ   4096

#define TTYDEV_PCCONS   0



#define TTYDEV_SERIAL1   1

#define TTYDEV_SERIAL2   2

#define TTYDEV_VCONS0   3

#define TTYDEVNPTY   42


#define TTYDEVNVCONS   10

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct s_tty t_tty

typedef struct s_tty_info t_tty_info

typedef struct s_ttydev t_ttydev

typedef void(* t_ttydev_destroy_fn)(void *ttydev_data)

typedef int(* t_ttydev_init_fn)(struct s_ttydev *ttydev, struct s_tty *tty, void **ttydev_data)

typedef int(* t_ttydev_ioctl_fn)(void *ttydev_data, int cmd, void *input)

typedef int(* t_ttydev_start_fn)(void *ttydev_data)

typedef ssize_t(* t_ttydev_write_fn)(void *ttydev_data, char *buf, int len)

Function Documentation

pid_t create_ttyd void   ) 

allocate a task for tty server

void create_ttysrv void   ) 

allocate a task for tty server

void do_ttysrv_syscall void   ) 

int main int  argc,
char **  argv

void signotify int  sig  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_close t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_dump t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_fstat t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_ioctl t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_open t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_poll t_tcb caller  ) 

void sys_fd_tty_read t_tcb caller,
int *  do_yield

void sys_fd_tty_write t_tcb caller,
int *  do_yield

void treat_dead pid_t  deadpid  ) 

ssize_t tty_fill_buf t_tty tty,
char *  buf,
int  len

void tty_init t_tty tty  ) 

void ttyd_main void   ) 

void ttysrv_syscall void   ) 

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