iface.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  s_if_ops
struct  s_if_stat
struct  s_ifaddr
struct  s_iface


#define IF_TYPE_ETHERNET   0
#define IF_TYPE_LOOPBACK   1
#define IF_STATE_DOWN   (0<<0)
#define IF_STATE_UP   (1<<0)
#define IF_STATE_BROADCAST   (1<<1)
#define IF_STATE_MULTICAST   (1<<2)
#define IF_STATE_PROMISC   (1<<3)
#define IF_NAME_SIZE   10


typedef int(* if_start_fn_t )(struct s_iface *iface, int if_minor)
typedef int(* if_stop_fn_t )(struct s_iface *iface)
typedef int(* if_send_fn_t )(struct s_iface *iface, struct s_pkbuf *pk)
typedef int(* if_ack_fn_t )(struct s_iface *iface, int tx_id, int tx_state)
typedef int(* if_update_fn_t )(struct s_iface *iface)
typedef s_iface t_iface


 LIST_HEAD (s_iface_list, s_iface)

Define Documentation

#define IF_NAME_SIZE   10

#define IF_STATE_BROADCAST   (1<<1)

#define IF_STATE_DOWN   (0<<0)

#define IF_STATE_MULTICAST   (1<<2)

#define IF_STATE_PROMISC   (1<<3)

#define IF_STATE_UP   (1<<0)

#define IF_TYPE_ETHERNET   0

#define IF_TYPE_LOOPBACK   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* if_ack_fn_t)(struct s_iface *iface, int tx_id, int tx_state)

typedef int(* if_send_fn_t)(struct s_iface *iface, struct s_pkbuf *pk)

typedef int(* if_start_fn_t)(struct s_iface *iface, int if_minor)

typedef int(* if_stop_fn_t)(struct s_iface *iface)

typedef int(* if_update_fn_t)(struct s_iface *iface)

typedef struct s_iface t_iface

Function Documentation

LIST_HEAD s_iface_list  ,

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