netdb.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  hostent
struct  protoent


#define MAXHOSTNAMELEN   256
#define h_addr   h_addr_list[0]


hostentgethostbyname (const char *name)
hostentgethostbyaddr (const char *addr, socklen_t len, int type)
protoentgetprotoent (void)
protoentgetprotobyname (const char *name)
protoentgetprotobynumber (int proto)

Define Documentation

#define h_addr   h_addr_list[0]

#define MAXHOSTNAMELEN   256

Function Documentation

struct hostent* gethostbyaddr const char *  addr,
socklen_t  len,
int  type

struct hostent* gethostbyname const char *  name  ) 

struct protoent* getprotobyname const char *  name  ) 

struct protoent* getprotobynumber int  proto  ) 

struct protoent* getprotoent void   ) 

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