types.h File Reference

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typedef signed char int8_t
typedef short int16_t
typedef int int32_t
typedef long long int64_t
typedef unsigned char uint8_t
typedef unsigned short int uint16_t
typedef unsigned int uint32_t
typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t
typedef long intptr_t
typedef unsigned long uintptr_t
typedef int64_t longlong_t
typedef uint64_t u_longlong_t
typedef unsigned char u_int8_t
typedef unsigned short u_int16_t
typedef unsigned int u_int32_t
typedef unsigned long long u_int64_t
typedef unsigned char u_char
typedef unsigned short u_short
typedef unsigned int u_int
typedef unsigned long u_long
typedef u_int64_t u_quad_t
typedef int64_t quad_t
typedef quad_tqaddr_t
typedef unsigned char unchar
typedef unsigned short ushort
typedef unsigned int uint
typedef unsigned long ulong
typedef int32_t register_t
typedef u_long cpuid_t
typedef u_long paddr_t
typedef u_long vaddr_t
typedef u_long kaddr_t
typedef int64_t blkcnt_t
typedef u_int32_t blksize_t
typedef char * caddr_t
typedef int32_t daddr_t
typedef u_int32_t dev_t
typedef u_int32_t fixpt_t
typedef u_int32_t gid_t
typedef u_int32_t id_t
typedef u_int32_t ino_t
typedef long key_t
typedef u_int32_t mode_t
typedef u_int16_t umode_t
typedef u_int32_t nlink_t
typedef quad_t off_t
typedef int64_t pid_t
typedef int64_t asid_t
typedef int64_t resid_t
typedef quad_t rlim_t
typedef int32_t segsz_t
typedef int32_t swblk_t
typedef u_int32_t uid_t
typedef int32_t dtime_t
typedef u_int size_t
typedef signed int ssize_t
typedef long time_t
typedef int64_t fpos_t
typedef u_int32_t in_addr_t
typedef u_int16_t in_port_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef int64_t asid_t

address space id

typedef int64_t blkcnt_t

fs block count

typedef u_int32_t blksize_t

fs optimal block size

typedef char* caddr_t

core address

typedef u_long cpuid_t

type returned by cpuid instr

typedef int32_t daddr_t

disk address

typedef u_int32_t dev_t

device number

typedef int32_t dtime_t

on-disk time_t

typedef u_int32_t fixpt_t

fixed point number

typedef int64_t fpos_t

file position

typedef u_int32_t gid_t

group id

typedef u_int32_t id_t

group id, process id or user id

typedef u_int32_t in_addr_t

inet addr

typedef u_int16_t in_port_t

inet port

typedef u_int32_t ino_t

inode number

typedef short int16_t

typedef int int32_t

typedef long long int64_t

typedef signed char int8_t

typedef long intptr_t

typedef u_long kaddr_t

kernel virtual addr

typedef long key_t

IPC key (for Sys V IPC)

typedef int64_t longlong_t

typedef u_int32_t mode_t


typedef u_int32_t nlink_t

link count

typedef quad_t off_t

file offset

typedef u_long paddr_t

physical addr

typedef int64_t pid_t

process id

typedef quad_t* qaddr_t

typedef int64_t quad_t

typedef int32_t register_t

type of a register

typedef int64_t resid_t

ressource id

typedef quad_t rlim_t

resource limit

typedef int32_t segsz_t

segment size

typedef u_int size_t


typedef signed int ssize_t

byte count or error

typedef int32_t swblk_t

swap offset

typedef long time_t


typedef unsigned char u_char

typedef unsigned int u_int

typedef unsigned short u_int16_t

typedef unsigned int u_int32_t

typedef unsigned long long u_int64_t

typedef unsigned char u_int8_t

typedef unsigned long u_long

typedef uint64_t u_longlong_t

typedef u_int64_t u_quad_t

typedef unsigned short u_short

typedef u_int32_t uid_t

user id

typedef unsigned int uint

typedef unsigned short int uint16_t

typedef unsigned int uint32_t

typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t

typedef unsigned char uint8_t

typedef unsigned long uintptr_t

typedef unsigned long ulong

typedef u_int16_t umode_t

extended permissions

typedef unsigned char unchar

typedef unsigned short ushort

typedef u_long vaddr_t

virtual addr

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