fdesc.c File Reference

#include "libc.h"

Data Structures

struct  s_fdesc_cache


#define DEBUG_FDESC_GET   (1<<1)
#define DEBUG_FSHARE_ADD   (1<<2)
#define DEBUG_FDESC_ADD   (1<<3)
#define DEBUG_FDESC_RM   (1<<4)
#define DEBUG   (0)
#define FDESC_CACHE   10


void fdesc_init ()
void fdesc_cache_invalidate ()
void fdesc_cache_add (int fd, t_fshare *fshare, int refcnt)
int fdesc_cache_get (int fd, t_fshare *fshare, int *refcnt)
void fdesc_cache_dump ()
t_fdescfdesc_get_i (int fd)
int fshare_get (resid_t resid, t_fshare *fshare, int *refcnt)
int fdesc_get (int d, u_int32_t fdescopts, t_fdesc **fdesc, t_fshare *fshare, int *refcnt, char *s)
int fdesc_nextd (int from)
int fshare_add (resid_t *resid, int gate, int gate_id, mode_t perm)
int fshare_rm (resid_t resid)
int fdesc_add (int d, resid_t resid, int statusfl, int fl)
int fdesc_rm (t_fdesc *fdesc, t_fshare *fshare, int refcnt)
void fdesc_dump ()


s_fdesc_cache fdesc_cache [FDESC_CACHE]

Define Documentation

#define DEBUG   (0)

#define DEBUG_FDESC_ADD   (1<<3)

#define DEBUG_FDESC_GET   (1<<1)

#define DEBUG_FDESC_RM   (1<<4)

#define DEBUG_FSHARE_ADD   (1<<2)

#define FDESC_CACHE   10

Function Documentation

int fdesc_add int  d,
resid_t  resid,
int  statusfl,
int  fl

add a fd

void fdesc_cache_add int  fd,
t_fshare fshare,
int  refcnt

void fdesc_cache_dump void   ) 

int fdesc_cache_get int  fd,
t_fshare fshare,
int *  refcnt

void fdesc_cache_invalidate void   ) 

void fdesc_dump void   ) 

dump local table (debug)

int fdesc_get int  d,
u_int32_t  fdescopts,
t_fdesc **  fdesc,
t_fshare fshare,
int *  refcnt,
char *  s

get full fd information

t_fdesc* fdesc_get_i int  fd  ) 

void fdesc_init void   ) 

initializes local fd table

int fdesc_nextd int  from  ) 

get next free descriptor

int fdesc_rm t_fdesc fdesc,
t_fshare fshare,
int  refcnt

removes a fd - refcnt should be theorical refcnt

int fshare_add resid_t resid,
int  gate,
int  gate_id,
mode_t  perm

add a fshare struct

int fshare_get resid_t  resid,
t_fshare fshare,
int *  refcnt

get fshare struct associated to resid

int fshare_rm resid_t  resid  ) 

remove a fshare struct

Variable Documentation

struct s_fdesc_cache fdesc_cache[FDESC_CACHE]

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