iface.c File Reference

#include <inet.h>


s_ifaceiface_find (u_int32_t if_id)
u_int32_t iface_find_id (void)
int iface_register (int if_type, int if_minor, pid_t if_pgid)
int iface_ll_output (struct s_pkbuf *pk, int type)
static void iface_update_route (struct s_iface *iface)
void ifstate_update (struct s_iface *iface)
static void ifstate_change (struct s_of *of)
void ifaddrip_update (struct s_iface *iface)
void ifaddrip_change (struct s_of *of)
void ifnetmask_change (struct s_of *of)
void ifaddrmac_change (struct s_of *of)
int iface_create_entry (struct s_entry *father, char *filename, struct s_entry **new)

Function Documentation

int iface_create_entry struct s_entry father,
char *  filename,
struct s_entry **  new

struct s_iface* iface_find u_int32_t  if_id  ) 

u_int32_t iface_find_id void   ) 

int iface_ll_output struct s_pkbuf pk,
int  type

int iface_register int  if_type,
int  if_minor,
pid_t  if_pgid

static void iface_update_route struct s_iface iface  )  [static]

void ifaddrip_change struct s_of of  ) 

void ifaddrip_update struct s_iface iface  ) 

void ifaddrmac_change struct s_of of  ) 

void ifnetmask_change struct s_of of  ) 

static void ifstate_change struct s_of of  )  [static]

void ifstate_update struct s_iface iface  ) 

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