libtimer.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>

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#define __LIBTIMER_H__   1
#define TIMERFL_USEC   (1u<<1)
#define SYSTIMER_SFRQ   3
#define SYSTIMER_GFRQ   4
#define SYSTIMER_DUMP   10


int timer_register (int usecs, u_int fl)
int timer_unregister (int timer_id)
void delay_fn (int sig)
void delay (u_int usecs)
int timer_dump (void)
int sleep (int secs)
int usleep (int usecs)
u_int ualarm (u_int usecs)
u_int alarm (u_int secs)
int gettimeofday (struct timeval *tp, struct timezone *tzp)
time_t time (time_t *tloc)
char * ctime (const time_t *clock)
int wait_for_srv (int gate, int ntries)
int select (int maxfd, fd_set *readfds, fd_set *writefds, fd_set *exceptfds, struct timeval *timeout)
int poll (struct pollfd *fds, nfds_t nfds, int timeout)

Define Documentation

#define __LIBTIMER_H__   1

#define SYSTIMER_DUMP   10


#define SYSTIMER_GFRQ   4


#define SYSTIMER_SFRQ   3


#define TIMERFL_USEC   (1u<<1)

Function Documentation

u_int alarm u_int  secs  ) 

char* ctime const time_t clock  ) 

void delay u_int  usecs  ) 

void delay_fn int  sig  ) 

int gettimeofday struct timeval tp,
struct timezone tzp

int poll struct pollfd fds,
nfds_t  nfds,
int  timeout

int select int  maxfd,
fd_set readfds,
fd_set writefds,
fd_set exceptfds,
struct timeval timeout

select(2) emulation

int sleep int  secs  ) 

time_t time time_t tloc  ) 

int timer_dump void   ) 

int timer_register int  usecs,
u_int  fl

int timer_unregister int  timer_id  ) 

u_int ualarm u_int  usecs  ) 

int usleep int  usecs  ) 

int wait_for_srv int  gate,
int  ntries

wait for a service to be up, returns 0 if OK else 1 with errno set. for this to work, caller must be of class TCBC_SCHED

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