malloc.h File Reference

#include <libc.h>

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#define __SYSINTERF_MALLOC_H__   1


vaddr_t do_big_alloc (asid_t asid, int nb_pgs)
void * malloc (size_t nbytes)
int free2 (void *p)
void free (void *p)
void * realloc (void *p, size_t n)
void * calloc (size_t nelem, size_t elsize)

Define Documentation

#define __SYSINTERF_MALLOC_H__   1

Function Documentation

void* calloc size_t  nelem,
size_t  elsize

vaddr_t do_big_alloc asid_t  asid,
int  nb_pgs

void free void *  p  ) 

int free2 void *  p  ) 

void* malloc size_t  nbytes  ) 

void* realloc void *  p,
size_t  n

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