pkbuf.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  s_buf
struct  s_data_buf
struct  s_pkbuf
struct  s_pkbuf::s_pk_info
struct  s_pkbuf::s_pk_info::s_input_info
struct  s_pkbuf::s_pk_info::s_output_info


#define BF_DATA(bf, off)   ((char *)bf + sizeof (struct s_buf) + off)
#define PK_INPUT(pk)   (pk)->pk_info.pk_input_info
#define PK_OUTPUT(pk)   (pk)->pk_info.pk_output_info
#define PK_DA(pk)   (pk)->pk_info.pk_da
#define PK_SA(pk)   (pk)->pk_info.pk_sa
#define EXTRACT_LH   0
#define EXTRACT_NH   1
#define EXTRACT_PH   2
#define INCLUDE_DATA   (1<<0)
#define INCLUDE_PH   (1<<1)
#define INCLUDE_NH   (1<<2)
#define INCLUDE_LH   (1<<3)


 TAILQ_HEAD (s_pkq, s_pkbuf)
s_data_bufdata_buf_alloc2 (size_t buf_size)
s_data_bufdata_buf_alloc (struct s_buf *buf, off_t buf_off, size_t buf_size)
s_data_bufdata_buf_clone (struct s_data_buf *data_buf)
void data_buf_free (struct s_data_buf *data_buf)
s_bufbuf_alloc (size_t size)
s_pkbufpkbuf_alloc (size_t size)
s_pkbufpkbuf_clone (struct s_pkbuf *pkbuf)
char * pkbuf_extract (struct s_pkbuf *pk, int type, size_t size)
char * pkbuf_extand (struct s_pkbuf *pk, int type, size_t extsize)
ssize_t data_buf_write (struct s_data_buf *data_buf, pid_t owner, off_t offset, vaddr_t ubuf, size_t usize)
ssize_t pkbuf_write (struct s_pkbuf *pkbuf, pid_t owner, off_t offset, int flags, vaddr_t ubuf, size_t usize)
void buf_free (struct s_buf *buf)
void pkbuf_free (struct s_pkbuf *pk)
u_int16_t pkbuf_cksum (struct s_pkbuf *pk, int flags, u_int8_t *phdr, size_t phdr_size)


int gl_buf_cpt
int gl_pkbuf_cpt
int gl_data_buf_cpt

Define Documentation

#define BF_DATA bf,
off   )     ((char *)bf + sizeof (struct s_buf) + off)

#define EXTRACT_LH   0

#define EXTRACT_NH   1

#define EXTRACT_PH   2


#define INCLUDE_DATA   (1<<0)


#define INCLUDE_LH   (1<<3)

#define INCLUDE_NH   (1<<2)

#define INCLUDE_PH   (1<<1)

#define PK_DA pk   )     (pk)->pk_info.pk_da

#define PK_INPUT pk   )     (pk)->pk_info.pk_input_info

#define PK_OUTPUT pk   )     (pk)->pk_info.pk_output_info

#define PK_SA pk   )     (pk)->pk_info.pk_sa

Function Documentation

struct s_buf* buf_alloc size_t  size  ) 

void buf_free struct s_buf buf  ) 

struct s_data_buf* data_buf_alloc struct s_buf buf,
off_t  buf_off,
size_t  buf_size

struct s_data_buf* data_buf_alloc2 size_t  buf_size  ) 

struct s_data_buf* data_buf_clone struct s_data_buf data_buf  ) 

void data_buf_free struct s_data_buf data_buf  ) 

ssize_t data_buf_write struct s_data_buf data_buf,
pid_t  owner,
off_t  offset,
vaddr_t  ubuf,
size_t  usize

struct s_pkbuf* pkbuf_alloc size_t  size  ) 

u_int16_t pkbuf_cksum struct s_pkbuf pk,
int  flags,
u_int8_t phdr,
size_t  phdr_size

struct s_pkbuf* pkbuf_clone struct s_pkbuf pkbuf  ) 

char* pkbuf_extand struct s_pkbuf pk,
int  type,
size_t  extsize

char* pkbuf_extract struct s_pkbuf pk,
int  type,
size_t  size

void pkbuf_free struct s_pkbuf pk  ) 

ssize_t pkbuf_write struct s_pkbuf pkbuf,
pid_t  owner,
off_t  offset,
int  flags,
vaddr_t  ubuf,
size_t  usize

TAILQ_HEAD s_pkq  ,

Variable Documentation

int gl_buf_cpt

int gl_data_buf_cpt

int gl_pkbuf_cpt

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