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#define __SERIAL_H__   1
#define IO_COM1   0x3f8
#define IO_COM2   0x2f8


int uart_detect (u_int32_t baseaddr)
void uart_init (int combase)
int uart_getchar (int combase)
void uart_putchar (int combase, int ch)
void do_serial_except (int intr)
void serial_except (int intr)
void create_serial_intr (char *name, int ioport, int intr)
void serial_init_port (int combase)
int serial_init (t_ttydev *ttydev, t_tty *tty, void **ttydev_data)
void serial_destroy (void *ttydev_data)
int serial_write (void *ttydev_data, char *buf, int len)
void serial_class_init (void)

Define Documentation

#define __SERIAL_H__   1

#define IO_COM1   0x3f8

#define IO_COM2   0x2f8

Function Documentation

void create_serial_intr char *  name,
int  ioport,
int  intr

allocate a task for serial

void do_serial_except int  intr  ) 

void serial_class_init void   ) 

void serial_destroy void *  ttydev_data  ) 

void serial_except int  intr  ) 

int serial_init t_ttydev ttydev,
t_tty tty,
void **  ttydev_data

void serial_init_port int  combase  ) 

int serial_write void *  ttydev_data,
char *  buf,
int  len

int uart_detect u_int32_t  baseaddr  ) 

int uart_getchar int  combase  ) 

void uart_init int  combase  ) 

void uart_putchar int  combase,
int  ch

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