thread.c File Reference

#include "libc.h"


#define THREADERR(Errcode)


int param_gen (char **argv, int argc, char **params, int *paramlen)
t_thread_status thread_create (char *name, asid_t asid, u_int32_t eip, int nbstkpgs, int for_cpu, u_int sel, u_int32_t threadopts, char *parambuf, int paramlen, struct s_tcb_export *tcb)

Define Documentation

#define THREADERR Errcode   ) 


do {\
        errcode = (Errcode);\
        goto bad;\
} while (/*CONSTCOND*/0)

Function Documentation

int param_gen char **  argv,
int  argc,
char **  params,
int *  paramlen

generate params fitable for thread_create(3)

t_thread_status thread_create char *  name,
asid_t  asid,
u_int32_t  eip,
int  nbstkpgs,
int  for_cpu,
u_int  sel,
u_int32_t  threadopts,
char *  parambuf,
int  paramlen,
struct s_tcb_export tcb

Macro used internally to throw errors

name  Name of the thread
asid  Address space to use
eip  Entry point
nbstkpgs  Nb of stack pages
for_cpu  Cpu for thread to run or CPU_ANY
sel  Selector or ring
threadopts  Options
parambuf  Param buf to copy on stack
paramlen  Param len to copy on stack
tcb  Tcb input/output struct

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